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Black Bear Pizza Den


Cheese Pizza $14

14 Inches

10 Slices

14 Inch Pizza $15

10 slices

single topping

$1 per extra topping

Breadsticks $6

Order of 6

Pizza Toppings

Country Sausage


Green Peppers




Our pizzas are made with fresh ingredients. Try our baby spinach and mozzarella pizza. The mozzarella is made with whole milk for not only the great taste, but that perfect stretch of pizza cheese. You know the one. Our spinach is fresh, not frozen. We get our mushrooms fresh and whole, we slice them in-house. Our crust is hand-made, hand cut, hand-rolled. We craft the sauce with San Marzano tomatoes for a slightly sweeter and less acidic touch. We know we like quality ingredient's and we think you’ll like the difference those ingredients make in our pizzas.

Open Friday & Saturday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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